100% Real Human Clip in Bangs

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Size: French Bangs
Color: Blonde

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    bangsClip in bangs is a high-quality human hair bangs, made from 100% real human hair, which is soft and smooth, giving a natural look rather than an obvious addition.Bangs hair clip can be styled using heat tools such as curling irons or straighteners to create more dynamic and interesting hairstyles. 
  • Clip on bangs allows you to easily get bangs without the need to cut your own hair short.Fake bangs provides a temporary solution for those unwilling to make permanent hairstyle changes. Clip in bangs real huaman hair offers high comfort, making it easy to wear for parties, events, cosplay or daily wear, effortlessly complementing any look. 
  • Our product offers two different clip bangs styles: Wispy bangs and French bangs. Wispy bangs create a fresh and natural look, suitable for users who prefer a minimalist style. On the other hand, French bangs are denser and effectively cover the forehead, ideal for users who seek a fuller appearance. We have considered the diverse needs of our users and provide a variety of bang clip in style options to cater to individual preferences. 
  • Clip on bangs for women featuring a simple clip-on design, easy to use and leaves no traces behind. Even those less familiar with hairstyling can easily manage the faux bangs. Bangs can be effortlessly clipped on and removed, making hairstyle transformations a breeze. 
  • Bangs clip in hair extensions is hand-woven, and due to variations in dye lots as well as differences in photography equipment and monitor settings, the actual product color may slightly differ from the pictures. If the color of the product you receive doesn't match your expectations, we offer a no-reason exchange and refund service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.